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Library Guideline

►    The NUV Library follows an open access system.
►    Library use is restricted to only to authorized members of the university with valid University ID. Other visitors need to take permission from Library
►    Silence must be observed in the reading halls.
►    Loose papers and note books can be taken inside the library.
►    Use cell phone in the Library not permitted.
►    Conversation in any part of the library so as to cause annoyance to readers is not permitted.
►    No smoking or spitting in the library is allowed.
►    Please refrain from mark in books and damaging library property.
►    Refrain from shelving books and periodicals as that disturbs the ordering system followed by the library administration.
►    Books or materials taken from the stacks should be kept in the cart to facilitate re-shelving by the library staff.
►    Members who damage books and library property are required to pay for the damage and failure to do so will result in loosing library use privileges.
►    Tearing pages or stealing books will lead to disciplinary action by the University and lose of library use privileges.
►    Library facilities and further disciplinary action will be initiated against them by the University.
►    When entering the library, please leave personal belongings (bags, brief-cases, parcels etc.) and eatable items at the security desk located outside.
►    When leaving the library, please stop at the exit so that the borrowed materials in hand can be checked for ownership.
►    Violation of library rules will lead to the loss of library use privileges.
►    The Librarian reserves the right to suspend those found misbehaving and abusing library staff and property.

Transaction Policy

Category /Patron Type Number of Books Loan Period General Books Back & Loose issue of Serials/ Bound Journal /Rare book Overnight issue Fine Per Day (Rs.)
U.G. Student 2 7 days 1 book for 7 days 2 7 days CD/Thesis 3
P.G. Student 3 14 days 2 7 days CD/Thesis 3
Ph.D. Students 4 14 days 2 7 days CD/Thesis 3
Faculty & Staff 6 183 days 2 7 days CD/Thesis 3
Visiting Faculty 6 30 days 2 7 days CD/Thesis 3

►    Rs. 3.00 per day per book will be collected for returning overdue books.
►    Patrons must check for the condition of books because a charge will be imposed for damaged books when returning.
►    A book borrowed can be renewed provided no Patron has placed request for the book.
►    A book can be recalled if a Patron has requested for the book.
►    A Patron can reserve a book by filling out a form at the circulation section.
►    Obtaining No-Due certificate from Library is mandatory when leaving the University.

Note for Circulation

►    Issue restricted Text/Reference Books, latest Serial Publications, Reserve Books.

Loss of Books

►    Loss of book (s) must be reported immediately.
►    Overdue fine, if any will be charged till the loss of book (s) is reported.
►    If the original book is returned after reporting it lost, the fine will be calculated till the date of its return.
►    Borrower will have to replace the book, if lost/damaged with same / latest edition within 15 days from reporting along with overdue charges otherwise fine will be charged as per . rules from the day 16th.
►    If the lost book is out of print and if the borrower is unable to replace it, he / she will have to pay prevailing cost of the book plus 30% processing fee along with overdue charges.

University ID CARD

►    Books can be borrowed only against a valid NUV ID card and Patrons must present the card to borrow books, failing which the library staff can refuse to honor the request.
►    Members should report the loss of NUV ID card to the Circulation staff to avoid misuse.

Internet Facility

►    Internet facility in the Library is only for use by the Patrons.
►    Library provides Internet facilities like Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), Browsing, Wi-Fi net connection.
►    Use of the internet at the library is for academic and research activities, and subscribed e- resources.
►    Patrons must bring to the notice of the Librarian of misuse of the internet systems.
►    Librarian reserves the right to deny access to internet facility to those who misuse the facility.

Reprography Services

►    Photocopying of library documents must observe copyright regulations.
►    Photocopying articles, book chapters and few pages from a thesis are OK; though copying entire journal, theses/dissertation or a book will not be entertained.
►    Users can request for photocopying service is a fee based service offered by the NUV Library.


►    Online (Secured Internet) Access to subscribed E-Resources is available in the campus premises (Campus IPs) only and restricted to the Patrons.
►    E-Resources can be used only for Academic purpose (not for commercial purposes).
►    Downloading and printing of E-Resources or an entire journal are prohibited.