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►    Manupatra
Manupatra is law of publishers and provider of Legal, Taxation, Corporate, and business Policy content in India.
►    World eBook Library
The World Public Library Association is the world’s largest aggregator of eBooks. Founded in 1996, the World Public Library Association is a global coordinated effort to preserve and disseminate historical books, classic works of literature, serials, bibliographies, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other heritage works in a number of languages and countries around the world. Mission of World eBook Library is to serve and aid the public, students and educators by providing the world's most complete collection of electronic books, documents and articles online. World ebook Library provides access of 3,000,000+ digital eBooks to read online or download and save for later. All of the eBooks are portable PDF file formatted, and all Audio eBooks are portable MP3 file formatted. These formats have been specially designed to be cross platform compatible with all PCs, Laptops, PDAs, Kindle DX, Kindle 3 iPad / iPods, eReaders or Smartphone.
►    South Asia Archive
South Asia Archive is fully searchable digital archive encompassing millions of pages of valuable research and teaching materials, providing online access to documents ranging from the mid-18th to the mid-20th Century. The Archive contains interdisciplinary contents - books, journals, reports, film ephemera, census reports & more. Online resources are available in both English & vernacular languages.